Sameer, a 22 year old living in Kachchwa village of Haryana had recently bought a new smartphone. Like most of his friends, he used the phone to listen to music, watch videos online and look for job opportunities on online platforms. Sameer worked in a nearby town and often came home on weekends. Sometimes he would go on long rides on his bike with a bunch of his friends. His father would always complain about him wasting petrol on ‘useless’ rides and was always hesitant to give him money. Sameer too felt uncomfortable and would borrow money from his friends instead of asking his father.

However, after he watched the financial literacy videos screened on the projector as a part of the Digiprayas project, he at once downloaded the Paytm App. Today, Sameer pays his petrol bills through the Paytm facility at the petrol pumps, shops online and even conducts online phone recharges for his family members.

He says, “I no longer have to borrow money from my father. This gives me a sense of financial independence and confidence.’’

Sameer* name changed to secure privacy of the individual