Allowal like most villages in Punjab has an agriculture-driven economy. The farmers mostly aged continue to work on their farm lands while their children are busy in other service-oriented jobs. “Time is most precious for us”, says an old farmer as he describes the troubles of the sector. The farmer’s society is one of the only options to procure seeds, manure, fertilizers and other medications for the crops; farmers often loan out money to buy the crop requirements and are bound to buy the low-quality and delayed products of the society. They often spend time waiting for days and hours at the society office before they finally received their goods. Their age also takes a toll on their lives as they sometimes have to travel to Patiala city and come home empty handed.

As a part of the Digiprayas project, the farmers were introduced to the concept of online banking, shopping for agricultural goods and simply searching for agriculture-related information on online platforms. Around 30-35 farmers today engage in online transactions to buy bulk seeds and fertilizers which are delivered to them on-time, at their doorstep and at cheaper prices. They are also exposed to the Mandi rates and are aware of the prices of different products. This exposure has not only made their lives efficient but has also exposed them to the various goods and innovations available in the market.