The villagers of Jodhpar travel 13 kilometers, changing a rickshaw four times, spending an entire day to access bank facilities located in the nearby city of Morbi.

Equipped with a tablet and laptop, Parsotam Mavjibhai went on a mission to spread financial awareness in his village. He identified four young students forming a mini-theatre team and enacted a short play in the government schools to educate and demonstrate the new digital financial tools. The drama was staged to represent a financially unaware shop-owner, a laborer, a local businessman and an aware citizen who eventually motivates his friends to make a bank account, use net banking to pay bills and use Paytm to pay a friend all at the touch of a button.

The drama was so successful that it attracted more than 50 students to register for a bank account and inspire their parents to learn mobile-based net banking.

Parsotam conducts door-to-door visits, organizes community meetings in open spaces, temples, community halls, village-chowks, night video screenings and school mobilizations to spread the message.

Policemen, housewives, shopkeepers, children and many others have learnt to use Paytm, Bhim App, ATM card, online banking, Swipe machine and are aware of the dos and don’ts of keeping one’s account secure and safe. Today, Parsotam has impacted around 466 people and continues to propagate financial and digital literacy through innovative techniques.