Bullemma is an elected leader of the Mandal Parishad Territorial Constituency (MPTC) in the Satyawada village of Andhra Pradesh. Only a 10th standard pass out, she is on a mission to make her village a Zero-Cash Village. The village of Satyawada has one bank which stays crowded throughout the week, making it difficult for people to engage in efficient bank services. A laborer spends a hundred rupees and undergoes a one-day loss of payment only to go the bank. Similar is the case of other working members, who are forced to spend an entire day at the bank.

Recently, Bullemme came across a Digprayas volunteer who helped her open an Axis Bank account, deposit a cash amount of INR 3500 and pay bills through a mobile-based app. This inspired her to spread the word to many other women especially anganwaadi teachers, ASHA workers, school teachers and housewives who eventually also opened their bank accounts. Bullemma conducts regular meetings at public space to motivate the community members to learn online transactions to shop, pay bills and transfer money to relatives. Currently, she is also proposing the Axis Bank to open an ATM in their village, has encouraged shopkeepers to buy swipe machines and petrol booths to switch to online-transactions. Today, more than 320 people in the village have opened bank accounts and have been trained to use the mobile app to perform money transfers, open FDs , check their account balance and use other banking facilities just at the click of a button!